Our Values

As stewards of performance improvement, we live by values that align each of us with our customers' interests and enable us to deliver on our mission: to bring improved performance to every InPhase customer.

The InPhase Team

Together we are a team made up of pilots, basketball players, authors, speed boat enthusiasts, dog lovers, cat lovers, runners, bass players, and of course software geeks. Indeed this is what we have in common.

We all love software.

Customer Success

It's the mantra around here - If it doesn't help you the customer, don't bother doing it. 

Whether it's the next customer tweet, a new how to video, a sexy new template app, great new functionality or just boring mundane things like keeping records up to date, it all matters. Because together the InPhase team works to help you deliver your key goals.



Leading Product Innovation & Ease of Use

Well, if it's not easy to use, you wont use it. wedon't just mean the end users either.

What was once in the hands of developers, internal analysts and  data gurus, is now easily accessible by business mangers using inphase. we take what's traditionally seen as difficult and give it to you in an easy way.

Build in intelligence keeps your BI and Performance deployment smart - and you on top of your goals and aims


Always in Start up Mode, Despite the Experience

At InPhase we bring together unique and innovative people that can create ground reaking products that empower people to improve the performance of the organizations they work for.

The InPhase team is the heart of our company and it’s currently growing. We are looking for a combination of talented veterans, passionate champions of BI and PM and experts in there filed that want new ways of working.

If you’re looking for your next opportunity and you are not afraid of pushing boundaries, creating ground-breaking products and experiences, join us.